Thursday, 22 May 2008

Daydreaming in the library

Revising in the library makes me sad that not only will I never read all the books in there, but I probably won't read that many books in my lifetime. Even if I just read and did nothing else, I will never read everything, even if I remove all the books I would never be interested in, all the recipe books and maths books and textbooks and political statements and books about economics.

I like the idea of living in a library, making myself a hammock/nest in a high corner that I could only reach by climbing up shelves. I would venture out only for food and spend the summer illustrating and painting the centre folds of all the books and making complicated labyrinths out of them and piling them up into steps so I could reach the ceiling.

I used to have a recurring Cinderella style dream about a poor librarian that became trapped under thousands of empty shelves and had to be rescued by a handsome prince.

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