Thursday, 30 October 2008

Arthur's seat

I finally had some oktomat photos from two summers ago developed. These are my three favourites: two of people in costume in Edinburgh and one of my friend Ash on the top of Arthur's seat pretending to jump from the edge.

That was a really strange day I remember, Ash and I had decided to explore Edinburgh so just walked down every street we felt like looking down, and then saw the crest of Arthur's seat and decided to climb it. We went all the way to the top and it was incredibly windy, so that you could feel the air lift your clothes and catch the edges of your fingertips like you could be blown away. The view was amazing, and we could hear a concert going on a while away, and bizarrely Ash had his laptop in his bag so we sat on the peak of an fantastic natural landmark and typed a poem. I'll ask him to send it to me so I can add it to the entry. Anyway we wrote this poem and investigated this tiny part of a ruined building and climbed over bits of craggy rock (which I really enjoyed incidentally). And then I decided to phone George, who I was actually trying to forget, but I couldn't hear much because of the wind, so I laughed and I could just hear him laughing with me on the other end. I've only spoken to him once since then, and so that is my last memory of him laughing, with me watching the sun above the horizon from high up on Arthur's seat and my laughter being whipped away by the wind.

The film got damaged because the oktomat opened during transit to university, but I like the red light leaks, even though it's sad that I only got 20 shots out of a 36 film.

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