Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I write angry blog posts when I'm confused or upset. The same goes for my sense of humour. I make jokes about things to protect myself or to approach something I find difficult. So I mock rich people because my own wealth makes me uncomfortable. I mock posh people because I don't want to be seen as stuck-up. I mock romance when I am lonely. I make jokes about my own geekiness because for my whole life I've been made to feel stupid for being clever (ironic...) and if I mock myself first it is less hurtful when others do it. I make jokes about being uncool because I used to be joked about, and it has stuck even though I'm more self-confident now. I tease people for the things I love about them but also the things that I can't talk to them about. Some of these things I know I shouldn't do, because they are hypocritical, but I wonder whether some of my jokes can be classed as self-defence rather than pre-meditated attack.

I was thinking about this (introspection, introspection..) and yet today I have laughed at so many things that were just joyful. It's nearly my birthday!

Oh and this:

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