Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Exams are over and I'm in a funny mood again - I love-hate my mood like this, it makes me creative but also angry and reckless and haphazard. I just write rubbish with the excuse of "artistic" but it's such a cliché - I'm young and that's what comes out I guess and one day I'll scoff at myself. I can't wait.

I keep thinking about spaces - I watched Man on Wire and Philippe Petit thinks of the space between the twin towers as conquerable, and the violin in the soundtrack vibrated like the atomic strings in the article I read on string theory and I wrote a ridiculous poem about romance which I know nothing about and I kid myself that I'm lonely when I don't care. And who could cope with a mind like mine anyway? I can't, I'm completely fragmented.

"You are untying yourself from the tangible and becoming half a bird...
What a beautiful death - to die in the exercise of your passion."

"Why are the seats on buses in pairs?
And benches made for two?
Hands fit and arms link
the empty space is for you
for you
for you
for you."

I'm sewing parachutes and wearing clown trousers and listening to music at night and painting April's face gold. Completely volatile - crazy student with too much time. I need to go and buy more Nutella. mmmm delicious mundanity. :-)
(soundtrack: Spaceman by the Killers)

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