Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Goal: everyday communication

Last night I dreamt that I was in the tunnels of the London underground, and I was at a poetry recital. We were sitting like Alcoholics Anonymous on those plastic chairs on the platform, with the opposite platform dark and quiet, the ceiling of iron beams low above our heads. Someone, maybe me, was reading a poem about fish that somehow made sense down there by the tracks - ideas of fast lights and speed living captured with a long exposure, and fish swimming against the current of lights and the trains, swimming along the tunnels. I swear I can still hear that poem and see it on the page, but can't remember the words. And I saw someone I knew on the opposite platform and ran over or around the tracks to meet him but I had to go back for the poem and all the other people were dispersing and leaving and when I looked back he was gone, or perhaps he was shrugging and leaving.

It's so boring to hear about other people's dreams.

In other news, I am onto chapter 2 of my Beginner's Japanese book but it is still really hard! Oyasumi nasai...

--- update: today in London we found the book of "Poems on the Underground" - I love such coincidences.

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