Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A pigeonhole to avoid.

I read about Julie Marabelle in some magazine when I was in the doctor's waiting room this morning... She's half of a couple who designs "arty" decorations for kids' rooms, that are a bit pretentious but also kind of nice and probably the sort of thing I would buy if I had kids and if I wasn't determined to avoid that londoner-who-has-too-much-money-and-too-many-gadgets pigeonhole. Seriously though, she was part of an article where 3 women wrote about their must-have home accessories, all of which were waaaay too expensive and completely ridiculous and made me feel a little bit sick that some people have enough money to think it is ok to spend SIXTY-NINE POUNDS on a pepper grinder because it has 3 different pepper-grinding settings. All three women recommended ridiculous expresso machines, all of them were photographed in their white with quirky accessories from the Conran shop kitchens.... it was totally weird. But in some ways understandable and terrifying. If I move to London next year please don't let me marry a graphic designer called Julian who wears interesting ties and lives in a penthouse and buys olive oil with things in it to make it taste exotic/look expensive/actually be expensive. If it means I can't afford arty coffee table books then so be it.

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