Tuesday, 22 December 2009

It's snowing

"I could not remember whether there had been an entry for confetti in my Dictionary of Inventions, so I made one up to pass the time on the slow bus: 'Confetti. Rinaldo Confetti. Italian. 1920.' And this is what I decided: he was a ticket puncher in Naples station. All the little bits of the punched tickets collected at his feet, multicoloured and weighing nothing. He found them oddly beautiful. He stooped and picked up a handful. He was feeling happy that day. He had just got engaged to Luminata, the girl of his dreams. He decided: from now until the wedding I am going to stand on a blanket at the ticket barrier. At the end of my shifts, I'm going to collect up the ticket bits, which will be clean and not spoiled by the dust and dirt from people's boots. Then on the day of the marriage, when we walk out from the cool church into the hot sun, I'm going to shower my bride with them. She will say: 'What is all this Rinaldo mio?' And I will say: 'It is the future, Luminata. It is a thousand pieces of love.' "

From Sacred Country by Rose Tremain

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