Saturday, 6 February 2010

quickly type

Um ok quickly because I should be doing work in the library and going to the post office
But I want to order Andy Warhol's screen tests DVD and draw from it because I like drawing faces and that's partly why I couldn't keep up with a drawing a day because i want to draw people
And I'm reading an article for my essay about how to study belief and it says that if people utter the same conscious sentence about a belief then it must be the same - but for 2 people to say "I believe in God" isn't the same at all, I don't agree with the writer
and I can't keep track of thoughts in my head like, can you want someone to care about you without caring for them? why would you do that?
Aaaaand er er er oh yes I had a lecture about chinese warriors and how they believed the mountain was the spine of a dragon that had to be pinned down with temples
And we point with our index fingers but some people point with their lips or their chins - really? Imagine that when pointing out fruit in the grocer's
And I was talking to the mathematicians about infinity and they said that omega is infinity but you can have omega squared and omega to the omega, omega times and then it equals something else that can be put to itself - and I thought, aren't they all equal to infinity? Why are you labelling more things? But I was pleased they were enjoying those thoughts, because it doesn't matter that they're useless terms that don't even occur in equations as far as they could remember - I like that mathematicians can seem so square and straight-laced but their thoughts are all expansive and creative and reaching out into infinity... which always makes me think of outer space although I know it is just numbers and not about space at all. I created a space themed playlist on itunes with all the songs that make me think of the stars, like Muse and MGMT and Electric Light Orchestra.
and I have to do 2 illustrations - one for the art whispers project about an overgrown car wreck and one for the soc anth journal about japan
OK now I really need to go to the post office but I had to get that down before I forgot it all - How am I supposed to apply for a job and do real life things when all of that was inside my head in just 10 minutes?

Ok think that's  it


бела said...

my mother points to things with her chin. but i have a feeling it's only in specific contexts... a. it's always to refer to people; b. it's in a 'oh, look at what they're doing, hopeless idiots, i told you so' way;
ah, ethnographic details. ah, unwritten essay, write yourself! x

hermit crab said...

instead of drawing from a warhol film what about drawing from random facebook photos?