Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Sketchy ideas

I'm supposed to be reading about modern notions of sovereignty and neoliberalism however obviously that is not where my thoughts are going. I went to Kettle's Yard a week ago to clear my head and it was full of planning sketches and architectural drawings that just was more stuff to add to the mix really... and since then I've been itchy to paint. There was a book in the Kettle's Yard shop which had work by a guy called Michael Landy -

and I do love sketchy black and white newsprinty fine liney graphicy things. And I'm thinking about Kurt Schwitters and Rauschenberg's transfer type works which I saw an exhibition of a while ago, and at the moment I'm doodling arms and figures and hands, and I'm thinking back to the sketches I did of angels and the work I did on Kate Atkinson's 'Not The End of the World' and the drawings we had to do of people turning into birds....
So I'm thinking I've always been strong on painting, maybe I'll paint a series of diagrams of winged men, Daedaluses and Icaruses (Daedali and Icari?) or skeletons - ribs and bird bones..... hm hm hm comes back again to Skellig, which I've always loved, and links with Man on Wire - all these lines and strings and birds, but also machines and structures and scaffolding.... lots and lots of ideas that have been fumbling around in my brain are starting to slot together a little.

It's like a combination of all these things:

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