Saturday, 3 July 2010


I've graduated.. last few weeks have been quite surreal. I found a diary entry I wrote before I left 3 years ago - it is weird because I thought I must have changed so much since the start of university but it is still very much my voice that comes out of the pages.

"It will be difficult to be different among clever people all striving to be interesting, all good at wordplay and 'deep thinking', I'm sure there'll be plenty of wallowing in psychoanalysis all round, it will be like a glut of myself and any freshness I try to inject will be more of the same thing probably... I need my pretentious section removed, let's face it there will be plenty to go round at Cambridge."

Wow I was pretty insightful...

In other ways I have changed - I'm clearing out some of my old stuff in my room, and I'm embarrassed at some of the crap I've held on to (an entire box of coloured stones and gems? what on earth).

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бела said...

Haha, Cambridge clearly is predictable.
I thought I was done packing but then I found a pile of traintickets carefully arranged by date - I remember wanting to collage them on boxes... never happened. So now they're recycled. Also, a box of pot sherds and stones which are NOT going away. :) xx