Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Ah hello blog - my contact with the outside world. I'm eating sweeeet cherry tomatoes and listening to Travis. I know they're supposed to be mundane background music for boring indie teenagers, or for middle-class young couples to put on as their own common music ground... but I've liked them for a long time and they make me think of long car journeys in bleak British countryside and they make life slow down for a bit. I like that you can hear all of Fran Healy's voice and sighing, and the lyrics are just mixed phrases but they all mean things to him. 

The cherry tomatoes are nearly all gone - I flipping love tomatoes and these ones are really crisp and taste almost like strawberries. MM. 

April and I watched "Let the Right One In" yesterday - second time I've watched it and it is incredible. I love the relationship of Eli and Oskar because so much is unspoken, and so much between them is just accepted and unquestioned. Moments like that in real life are sought after. 

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