Sunday, 13 February 2011

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

When Dr. Jekyll becomes Mr. Hyde, he is aware of little else. He is sure that he has almost always been Mr. Hyde. This is how the transformation works. Those times as Jekyll were brief and unimportant, and as he looks back across the last ten years, he sees how he has tainted each of Jekyll's experiences with his presence. But Hyde hates himself, this is not pride. He has ruined Jekyll's life, has fragmented any sense of self that Jekyll ever had. At best this leaves him numb, staring into space as he knows sadness will not change their situation; at worst Hyde wants to tear his flesh and rip himself out of Jekyll, and yet he knows this too is useless - the scars will make Hyde real, when all he really wants is to disappear.

And yet, is that what Hyde wants? He is so tired of people telling him to just try to be Jekyll, or of the small talk and one-sided conversations that are spoken at him when they see Hyde in Jekyll's eyes. Most people feel it is easier to just wait for Hyde to disappear and both Jekyll and Hyde probably agree. But neither of them know who they are anymore, and they don't know how to go forward. Who could ever love Jekyll and Hyde? Who could ever know them as one, and who would ever want to? Life moves on without them.

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