Friday, 1 April 2011


Not having to fill in forms, get a job, find a house, pay taxes, pay rent.
Free from CCTV, from the census, from CVs, from records and references,
Free from admin, from bank accounts, from buying tickets.
Don't have to go out or stay in, don't have to be warm or fed or hydrated,
don't have to keep on top of the amount of food in your fridge.
Not having to follow fashion, know the newspapers,
not having to speak when you're spoken to, or say the right thing.
Not having to meet expectations, not having to be coherent or consistent.
Don't have to have a routine, don't have to go to the same places.
Don't have to wait, or explain, or fit yourself into words/roles/clothes/buildings/routes.
Can escape, can drive away but don't have to fill up petrol, don't have to stay on the road, on the ground, can drive upwards and outwards and don't even need a car - just moving, don't have to think, just empty.

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