Thursday, 7 July 2011


Peter Claire knows that he should stop to write down the music, but he does not want to stop. He is no longer cold. He has found a pace that does not tire him. He thinks about the miles that separated him from Emilia for so long, about that distance so much greater than itself which could not be crossed, even as words on paper, and how, on this moonlit night, it is being subdued, vanquished step by step by step, by his shadow and by his will. He almost dares himself - he who came searching for his future in Denmark - to believe that it is now within his grasp and that it will only take the coming of the day to reveal it. Without really noticing what he is doing, but filled with a determination to move more swiftly towards the sunrise, he begins to run.

From Music and Silence by Rose Tremain.

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