Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I love stories

'... and then what happened?' 
The real magic of this little invocation is that it has inspired hundreds of millions of words...

Neil Gaiman in "Four Little Words", his introduction to "Stories"

One of my favourite books is "The Ringmaster's Daughter' by Jostein Gaarder (I've almost certainly mentioned it before) - about a man whose imagination is so overactive he can make a living by selling storylines to authors with writers' block. The main story in the book is punctuated by the little stories that overflow from his mind, and he woos his lover by telling them to her (which, without giving too much away, is ultimately his downfall). Facebook at the moment is telling us to switch to timeline mode to 'tell our story', but I don't see myself as a storyteller, but more like the character of the lover in Gaarder's book - I could listen to stories all day. That's probably why I don't ever write much that is original, and why this blog is getting overcrowded with quotes...

Image from Habibi by Craig Thompson

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