Friday, 9 March 2012


My morning bus ride can often be the best part of my day. While this unfortunately says a lot more about the state of my job and social life than it does about the bus journey itself, there are some aspects of the journey that I try to enjoy. I like to see the same people on the bus everyday or walking past at the same time - the boy with the Sherlock Holmes coat, the arty girl with bright red hair, the tattooed bus driver with the gold tooth. I love listening to my music on my ipod and feeling a bit more inspired than I do the rest of the day sitting at my reception desk. And I really like the bit of the journey where we pass through Bagley Wood.

On either side of the A34, we are surrounded by woodland. I like to imagine it stretches all the way around the world and we are on the only road that cuts through a planet of trees. For about 5 or 10 minutes I get to see views like this from the bus window:

So I've been drawing/collaging trees again lately (click to enlarge):

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