Sunday, 3 February 2008

Pasifika styles

There is currently a review of Pasifika Styles, the exhibition at the Arch & Anth Museum that Rupert & I went to see on my birthday, in Thursday (insert magazine in The Cambridge Student)...

"Pasifika Styles is an exhibition featuring contemporary artwork by artists from New Zealand, inspired by Maori and Pacific Island culture, and its interaction with the modern world... A mini-totem is enclosed in a glass case, echoing the massive wooden structure that towers over it. This one has large, western-style headphones clamped over its head. It could either be seen as an outrageously cheeky parody, an affectionate gesture, or a depressing comment on the encroachment of modern 'civilisation' onto ancient, and much more beautiful, cultures."

I really liked the work by Rosanna Raymond probably just because it was a big collage of photos and very aesthetically pleasing. I guess I did also like what the article mentions though - that it showed a mix between the influence of the history and traditions and the modern culture in New Zealand, plus there was a large emphasis on people and faces which I find particularly fascinating.

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