Sunday, 3 February 2008

CICCU main event

CICCU (Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union) starts its main event tomorrow - a series of talks explaining the gospel. I just rediscovered a website actually - - that my dad showed me a while ago but I'd forgotten about; it's really fascinating, with Christian opinions on all sorts of aspects of modern culture - books, films etc. One of the things it led me to was this article:

Science cannot provide all the answers - The Guardian, 4/9/2003

"Russell Stannard is now emeritus professor of physics at the Open University. He is one of the atom-smashers, picking apart the properties of matter, energy, space and time, and the author of a delightful series of children's books about tough concepts such as relativity theory. He believes in the power of science. He not only believes in God, he believes in the Church of England. He, like Tom McLeish, is a lay reader. He has contributed Thoughts for the Day to Radio 4, those morning homilies on the mysteries of existence. Does it worry him that science - his science - could be about to explain the whole story of space, time matter and energy without any need for a Creator? "No, because a starting point you can have is: why is there something rather than nothing? Why is there a world? Now I cannot see how science could ever provide an answer," he says."

I read Russell Stannard's books when I was little and a few years ago my dad and I went to a talk of his... I am very excited that he will be in heaven, along with C. S. Lewis, Tolkien, Newton, Elvis, Leonardo da Vinci... mmm cool.

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