Tuesday, 5 February 2008


I have quite a bad cold at the moment, so don't really feel like writing this, however maybe it will clear my mind. I can't work out how I'm feeling, I think I'm angry but I'm also confused. The CICCU main event makes me feel like I'm bashing my head against a brick wall. People come to Cambridge to learn and discover, they say they are open-minded, yet as soon as you mention Christianity it is like having a door slammed in your face. People criticise Christians for being closed-minded, but we're the ones that have taken in the world's opinion and been daring enough to think about something else, and challenge not only the ideas about humanity but also other religions. Christianity isn't like any other religion - it is not about following rules but having a relationship with God. I do not act the way I do to try and get to heaven - how could I ever be good enough for God? How would I ever know I'd be good enough? I trust in Jesus' death - something that has happened already, something that was predicted from the very beginning; my sin has been dealt with, I don't have to worry that I'm still guilty in God's eyes anymore. I act the way I do because I am grateful for this - it's amazing!
I guess what I'm angry about is that people don't even want to take an hour to think about it. In a way I can't understand this - they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And on a selfish level, do they really think that I believe in something that is not even worth one hour of time? Do they really think I am stupid enough to believe something that is that worthless? Plus, I think it's a basic human need to question why we are here and what our purpose is - are people so lazy that they can't even be bothered to do that? They can't even be bothered to think about this basic, most fundamental thing? Or do they think that they'll think about it in the future? If so, when? After they've died?? No one knows when they are going to die, how does this not worry people?
Conclusion: I'm frustrated and I have a cold. Plus I didn't intend my blog to be so Christianity focused! Although I guess that is no bad thing, as to be focused on Jesus is obviously what my life should be all about...

In other news: I listened to Skellig again the other day - it's a children's book but I think the imagery is wonderful - angels and owls and bones. Also, I want to do an illustration for the Jesus Lane Shop magazine - the theme is "Playing for Time". I'll put it up if I get round to doing it, I'm still thinking of ideas though.

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